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This upcoming fall semester we are offering two new and exciting electives, Robotics and Forensic Science!  In Robotics, students will build robots and compete against their peers from other schools.  Through the use of Forensic Science, students will discover how detectives and CSI teams gather and preserve evidence. 


Our esteemed Medical Explorations Academy will continue, entering its second year; offering pupils a chance to explore the medical field and learn about careers in that industry.


In addition, our school has an on-campus Marine Biology Lab!  By enrolling in this course, pupils will have the opportunity to meet some exotic sea creatures and to investigate the ocean environment,


We have many other wonderful electives that we continually offer our students, thereby giving them a variety of interesting choices. Please feel free to come check out our serene campus, surrounded by beautiful trees, and see for yourself!


Welcome to Northridge Middle School!

My name is Adrienne "Drini" Shaha. I am honored and proud to be the principal of Northridge Middle School!

Northridge Middle School maintains high expectations of our students, faculty and staff. Students are provided with an academically rigorous, challenging, and enriched learning environment. The excellent teaching staff strives to provide students with a nurturing classroom environment, which allows for positive student/teacher interactions and connections. Students are taught how to develop and use critical thinking and analyzing skills, and are encouraged to express themselves.

Parents are encouraged to be active participants in their children’s lives and education. Parents are encouraged to monitor their children’s progress by contacting teachers by phone, email, or scheduling conferences, in addition to attending ELAC/CEAC meetings, LEARN Council meetings, Open House, and Back to School Night. Grade reports are generated every 5 weeks to keep parents abreast of their children’s grades, work habits, cooperation and attendance.

Northridge Middle School teachers and staff motivate students to want to learn, excel and succeed. This is evident in our successful increase in API and AYP scores through recent years. Our outstanding and award winning after-school sports teams, our AVID program, our School for Advanced Studies, and our culturally diverse student population makes Northridge Middle School a positive, safe, and committed student-oriented learning environment.

As principal, my goals are to provide our students with the necessary tools to be productive, successful, and life-long learners, and be trustworthy, compassionate and tolerant to all. Through intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, Northridge Middle School students learn how to open doors through education and success, which will allow them the ability to pursue their own future goals and dreams and turn them into realities.

Adrienne “Drini” Shaha


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