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Principal Ramos, addresses Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti and the One-LA IAF delegate assembly to advocate for affordable housing, prop HHH and the city's linkage fee.

Parent and students to CSUN March 12 for College Making It Happen 8-12pm For more info see Mr. Ramos

6th to 8th Girls to CSUN March 17- 8am-2pm For more info see Ms. Arevalo 



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Reseda High School Medical Magnet

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VISION STATEMENT: The Vision of Northridge Middle School is that the students, parents, teachers, support staff, and administrators of NMS believe in practices which promote self-esteem, equal worth, respect, and productivity of all stakeholders advocating high morals/standards and ethical values.  We are committed to provide, teach, and support all of our students socially and academically to not only succeed but to excel.

MISSION STATEMENT: The Mission of Northridge Middle School is to provide a safe and rich environment filled with academic and social opportunities and resources to motivate students to become problem solvers, creative and critical thinkers who are lifelong learners, responsible and accountable for their actions.

Welcome Back to School 2019-2020

Leadership teacher Mr. Estrada welcomes WEB -Where Everyone Belongs and 6th grade students at orientation day.  The Knights' WEB program focuses on welcoming 6th graders while making them feel comfortable throughout the first year of their middle school experience. WEB is built on the belief that students want to and can help other students succeed. Mr. Estrada trains members of the 8th grade class to be WEB Leaders; as positive role models, WEB Leaders are motivators, leaders and teachers who guide 6th graders to discover what it takes to be successful in middle school.


WEB leaders create safety and comfort for our new 6th graders. WEB begins with a fun and energetic orientation day that gets 6th graders excited and proud to be attending NMS. It also allows them to begin developing relationships with other students as well as learn strategies that will contribute to their middle school success. WEB continues after orientation providing a variety of both follow up activities throughout the year. The Academic Follow Ups are lessons presented by trained WEB Leaders during visits to 6th/7th grade classes. WEB’s goal is to provide a structure in which students make real connections with each other. Through this program students learn that people at school care about them and their success. WEB is the middle school transition program that increases attendance, decreases discipline referrals and improves academic performance.

AMEM 6th Grade to Team with Warner Bros

AMEM teachers Ms. Burnette and Ms. Nolasco are teaming up with Hollywood to bring story telling to life through a WB partnership for our aspiring media and entertainment students. Careers in media are abundant in Los Angeles and the Knights aim to incubate the next Gregory Nava of film. For more info 

AMEM Students from Ms. Haika's Art Class

AMEM students study Ancient Greece

AMEM students working on research utilizing chromebooks, internet and textbooks to learn about the different forms of government in Ancient Greece, and how the Greeks influenced the modern world including the United States of America. Each group was responsible for becoming an "expert" in each of the forms of government prescribed in the standards: oligarchy, monarchy, tyranny and democracy, they then presented their findings to the class and led a whole-class discussion on those findings. #beahistorian 



Ms. Nolasco's AMEM students work on Narrative and Discussion Techniques

The easiest way to bring narrative into the classroom is to tell stories. Storytelling has been around as long as humankind. It is one of the most effective ways to communicate an important truth to another person. AMEM students in Ms. Nolasco's class recently embarked on the study of narratives to hone their storytelling and oral language skills. Students collaborated in small groups to implement the elements of narrations into their own original story. Students culminated the unit with a oral presentation of their final work and explained the process to the class.


Earth Day field trip to CSUN sponsored by Reseda High School and 3M. AMEM and Magnet students participated in this event that included learning about DNA, Glaciers, Erosion, and Evolution just to name a few topics.  Students were treated to an Earth Day fair with games and prizes and food from a vegetarian restaurant.

Saturday Academy Students Spend Day at Ronald Reagan Library

Northridge MS students visited the wonderful Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley. Students learned the historical perspective of the president's life from childhood to actor, to Governor of California to President of the United States of America.

Medical Health Magnet Students at Northridge Hospital

Northridge Medical Health Magnet seventh-graders got a glimpse Wednesday of what could be their futures in the medical field.

Read more here @dailynews

Principal Ramos to Present at California African-American Superintendent Association Summit

Principal Ramos selected to present at California African-American Superintendent Association Summit on March 29th.  Ramos will be discussing school improvement efforts along with student equity and learning.   

Ms. Paulson's AMEM students integrating art into CCSS ELA classroom

Ms. Paulson's AMEM students work on social justice thematic unit after reading The Diary of Anne Frank, Anne Frank the Play, and The Lottery.   Students were tasked to use their creativity to create and write a social injustice play along with story boarding and eventual film production using iPads and iMovie. 

Mariachi Caballerx at BD3 Family Festival

AMEM's music program was invited to open for LAUSD Boardmember Schmerelson at his annual Family Festival on March 21. Mariachi Cabellerx performed to the delight of the crowd playing favorites like Adios Amor, La Bamba and Amor Eterno.  On May 17, they will perform at Universal Sheraton.  

Pi Day in Ms. Kaiser's class

Ms. Kaiser's students in the Medical Health Magnet participate in Pi Day activities.   Pi Day is celebrated on March 14th (3/14) around the world. Pi (Greek letter “π”) is the symbol used in mathematics to represent a constant — the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter — which is approximately 3.14159. Pi Day is an annual opportunity for math enthusiasts to recite the infinite digits of Pi, talk to their friends about math, and to eat Pie.

Ms. Haika's AMEM students work alongside industry professionals

AMEM Art teacher and Media expert Ms. Haika treated her students to a full day working alongside film production professionals. Students worked hands-on with studio equipment while getting a glimpse of themselves working in careers in media and entertainment.   #greatthingsarehappening

CSUN Science Fair March 10, 2019

Northridge Medical Health Career Magnet students showed off their knowledge with a wide array of projects at the CSUN Science Fair on Sunday March 10, 2019.  Students wowed parents, teachers, administrators and the fair’s judges with displays showcasing projects in fields ranging from chemistry and biochemistry to life sciences, medicine and health, and earth and space science.  #greatthingsarehappening 


Mariachi Caballerx/Knights' Drumline perform at Cleveland HS

Northridge MS Academy of Arts Media Entertainment and Music (AMEM) performed at Cleveland HS under the leadership of musical director Oliver Mata.   In a standing room only performance, Northridge students showcased their musical skills and love of the arts.   Great things are happening at NMS.   For school tours contact Stacy Tanaka - Enrolling now

Knights' teachers work on school improvement plan

Northridge Knights' teachers and staff utilize the work of educational researcher John Hattie to build school plan for school achievement SPSA. You may be asking who is John Hattie?   Education researcher John Hattie says an effect size of 0.5 is equal to a one grade increase, and an effect size of 1.0 is equal to making two grade increase.  For example, the strategy of "learning by teaching" has one of the largest effect sizes of the strategies he studied.  Hattie points out that when students actually teach the content of a lesson to others, they develop a deeper and longer-lasting understanding of the content than students who do not teach it. Mr. Ramos, school principal said "We are looking at Hattie's research to decide on what approach we will take as a team to substantially accelerate learning."  #educationalequity #collegeandcareers

Ms. Burnette's 6th Graders use to create digital games

Ms. Burnette has a new course for AMEM students, called Coding, it is tailored for 6th grade students using an open-source software. Students are creating 2d computer games while learning computer science and demystifying code and programming concepts.  Great things are happening at Northridge Middle School AMEN Academy.  

Career Day 2019


Northridge Middle School scholars were treated to Career Day 2019.  The professionals represented a wide range of careers, including LCSW, financial planner, college professors, police, teachers, entrepreneurs and scientists.  Students were eager to learn about how they can imagine themselves as future professionals.   Christian a sixth grader said, "I am going to be a police and buy my mom a house when I get older."   

UCLA Neuroscience Graduate students sponsored by UCLA’s Brain Research Institute work with Northridge Medical Health Careers students during Brain Awareness Week to raise interest in research and get students thinking about careers in science.  #beaneuroscientist 

Mariachi Caballerx at CSUN Soraya

Northridge AMEM Mariachi Caballerx students and parents attended a night of mariachi music at CSUN's Soraya Performing Arts Center on February 23.   Students and parents were singing along with Grammy Award Mariachi Los Camperos to some of the rich cultural songs of Mexico.   #BeAnEntertainer #BeAMariachi

The Knights Tour JPL NASA

DIY Girls Engineering Back at NMS Knights

Find out more, your daughter #canbeanengineer and DIY Girls can show her how.

Hippocrates Circle

Magnet Students at Kaiser Hippocrates Circle graduation. 

Congrats to Ms. Tanaka

Congrats to our Magnet Coordinator for being recognized by CSUN "New Journal of Student Research Abstracts".   Ms. Tanaka has long been a contributor for the journal along with Ms. Fodor our lead magnet science teacher.   Go Knights!

College Awareness Month

The Knights recently celebrated College Awareness Month to bring into focus the that there are least five major goals associated with increasing beyond high school educational attainment, therefore, we will be 1. Sharing information and building awareness 2.Providing individualized advising 3.Assisting with application completion for former students 4.Engaging parents and community 5.Help making decisions and planning ahead with students

Magnet Teacher Ms Fodor's Class Hand's On DNA Lab - Magnet Tours, Contact Ms. Tanaka 818.678.5100

Fall Festival 2018

CityYear and Omaze Day of Service

Medical Health Magnet students visit Kaiser Permanente

Family Science Night

New Chromebooks Carts for the Knights!


Join Us for Science Night


Ribbon Cutting August 28 Paxton Patterson Career Technical Education Lab

Thank You Parents!


YMCA Teen Advisory Club at Lunch on Mondays


Join our KYDS Afterschool Program

6th Graders Going to King Tut Exhibit

On December 7th, incoming 6th graders will be treated to a curricular trip to visit the King Tut exhibit at the California Science Center.    More information to follow. 


School starts this Tuesday August 13 at 7:50am.   Please see our bell schedule here. 





Ms. Yeck's #HandsOn #NGSS Weather and Precipitation

Ms. Yeck's students composed and performed a skit around weather and precipitation showcasing their learning in a creative and entertaining hands-on performance.   

State SBAC Testing Starts April 16 - Seize the Day!

Speech and Debate April 2018 Competition #winners

Club de HOSA - Future Health Professionals under the leadership of Ms. Tanaka took 2nd place in Health Education (Aliza M. and Hannah A.) and 4th place in Career Health Display (Angel M. and Allen G.) at the State of California HOSA Middle School Division.  #winners #KnightsPride #HOSA  - Watch us on youtube


Sixth Grade Knight Recognized by County Supervisor Barger


Congrats to our Parents

Congrats to our parents who attended 9 weeks of FACTOR parent engagement classes to learn how to navigate the school system to support their children toward college and careers.   #parentengagement #parentsaspartners #sisepuede


Northridge Knights Participate in Adelante Mujer Conference at CSUN


Join our Medical Health Magnet Now!



The Knights Attend #Coding Workshop

Teachers Ms. Oh, Ms. Ontiveros, Ms. Yeck and Ms. Zanger attend #Coding PD at Ranchito Elementary on February 3.   Take a moment to read about Coding as the next blue collar job.   Click Here for Wired article  #careersandcollege


Univision 34 Visits the Knights

Northridge Middle School in the news, thanks to SoCalGas and Great Minds in STEM click here.

Great Minds in STEM and SoCal Gas

KYDS Afterschool Mariachi Apprentice Program

Our afterschool partner KYDS is offering the Mariachi Apprentice Program for aspiring musicians.   Musical director, Mr. Mata is accepting applications and space is limited.   Classes are on Monday 3:30pm-5:35pm, Tuesday 2pm-4:05pm and Thursday 3:30pm-5:35pm.   Go to the main office for application.   #mariachi 

Guest Speakers Wanted - We Need You!

On February 16th, we will be hosting Career Day 2018 and are looking for speakers who can share their story and career with hungry students looking for inspiration and hope for a better future.   Please contact Principal Ramos at if you would like to participate or know someone that might.    #makegreathappen #careersandcollege

Join our YMCA Teen Advisory Lunch Council

Starting this January, Northridge will be working with our partners at YMCA to jumpstart a Teen Advisory Council.   The Council will get together once a week where we will mentor and incubate tomorrow's leaders through rich peer lead discussion, collaboration and leadership development.    The club is free and will be facilitated by life coaches from the YMCA at Porter Ranch.   #bealeader #teenleader 

DIY Girls - Hands-on Tech Experiences for NMS's Girls

This month DIY Girls will be beginning their after school program for 6th and 7th grade girls.   DIY Girls was founded by Luz Rivas, a Pacoima native and MIT Engineer and Harvard School Graduate.   Read more about its founder here. 

Recruitment for Program: Tuesday, January 9, 2018 during Periods 2 & 3

Start of Program: Wednesday, January 17, 2018 from 3:15 PM-5:15 PM

Parent Orientation: Following Student Program Wednesday, January 17, 2018 from 5:15 PM - 6:15 PM

For more info contact:

Cristina Gutierrez

Director of Programs

DIY Girls

(818) 869-0432

#edleadership #beanengineer #girlpower


Local Superintendent Joe Nacorda Shows Off Marquee

Local Superintendent Joe Nacorda Shows Off Marquee installed during the Winter Break.   Principal Ramos said, "what an honor to have Superintendent Joe Nacorda make a visit to our school it truly illustrates his commitment to our students, parents and staff."   Ms. Greenberg will be updated the marquee on a weekly basis to keep our parents and community informed about all the great things that are happening at the Home of the Knights.   

Northridge Knights Recognized by LDNW

Attendance is critical to the success of your child.   Help us make the remarkable happen at Northridge Middle School.   Read the Daily News article here .

Northridge Mascot Makes his debut


Mr. Harding History Teacher Hands Out Silver Dollar


Mr. Harding awarded 8th grade student Bella a non-circulated silver dollar as part of his history class end of year awards.   This coveted award has been a tradition in Mr. Harding's class and students strive to learn to win the top honors in class.   Congrats Bella!  

PTSA Board Elected


On December 15th, the Knights elected their new President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary for 2017-2018.    In January, the PTSA will have their first meeting and membership drive.  Get involved and help move our school to new heights.   For more information, email  - Richard Ramos, principal.  

Coro de los Knights Perform during Winter Music Program

Coro de los Knights impresses parents and students at the 2017 Winter Music Performance on Thursday December 14. Students were excited about singing in front of their parents and peers.   Unfortunately, their scheduled performance at the prestigious VPAC at CSUN was stymied by the Rye and Creek Fires, but students are hoping they get another chance of a lifetime to perform under the bright lights of the Valley Performing Arts Center in 2018.   



Our new mascot expected to arrive soon


The Knights are proud to introduce our newly created masot from Maywell Mascots in Canada.   We will be letting our students decide what his name in the next few weeks.   

DIY Girls - Hands-on Tech Experiences for NMS's Girls


Recently, Mr. Ramos met with director of programs at Do it Yourself Girls, a non-profit founded by MIT engineer and Pacoima native Luz Rivas DIY (“Do-It-Yourself”) Girls’ mission is to increase girls’ interest and success in technology, engineering and making through innovative educational experiences and mentor relationships.  The leadership of DIY Girls is a supportive community for girls driven by an interest in creating and building with technology.

DIY Girls uses a three-pronged program approach that integrates engagement, capacity building, and continuity to ensure girls’ success.  They will be offering an after school hands-on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) experience for girls at Northridge Middle School.  If you are interested, please see Mr. Ramos.   #beanengineer #makegreathappen #Ibelieve


The Knights Bring Amplify Science to Northridge

Ms. Tanaka recently recently led the charge to bring in Amplify Science to NMS.   On November 16, 2017 NMS's science teachers were provided professional development and will begin supplementing the district curriculum with Amplify starting in December.   The goal of our science department is to incubate Northridge students to pursue the hard sciences in high school and college.   Great things are happening at NMS.   

15 Week Thanks A HOLE bunch Incentive for Students for Working Hard

On November 16, 355 Students were treated to hot cocoa and donut holes as part of our first annual "Thanks a HOLE bunch for working so hard."   This group of students who we are so proud of had no D's, Fails or U's on their 15 week report card.   Grit and perseverance pays off.   

Los Angeles Zoo Docents Visit the Knights


Last week, the Knights had the honor of being visited by the Los Angeles Zoo Docents who spoke to Ms. Fodor's science students about different animal habitats, and relationships between predator and prey.   Students walked away with a wealth of knowledge and understanding related to animals that we often see at zoos around the country.   

Congrats to Ms. Tanaka


The Knights Congratulate Ms. Stacy Tanaka who was awarded CSUN’s ‘Julie Gorchynski, MD, Center for Cancer & Developmental Biology K-12 Teacher Research Award.  Dr. Julie Gorchynski will be visiting NMS to personally meet with Ms. Tanaka in early December.   

Ms.Tanaka's Science Engages in Critical Thinking and Hands-On Learning

Ms. Tanaka's students engage in hands-on Olympiad challenge where collaboration, critical thinking and communication where essential in engineering a structure that support the weight of a tennis ball.   Students had to work within the constraints provided by Ms. Tanaka which was limited to spaghetti, tape and good old ingenuity.   This is but a sample of the creative structures that the students came up with. 

Principal Ramos Presents at LAUSD Aspiring Principals Program


First Annual Dia De Los Muertos at NMS

LAUSD Board Member Scott Schmerelson holds LCFF meeting in Knights' Hall

El Coro de los Cabelleros (Knights' Choir) made their debut at LAUSD Board Member Scott Schmerelson LCFF meeting in Knights' Hall on November 2.   Mr. Garay PACE administrator said, "wow in 12 short weeks they have come such a long way.  There is no limits to their growth.   Great job."   

Grammy Award Winner Jaime Cuellar visits the Knights


Grammy Award Winner JAIME CUELLAR visited the Knights Choir / Coro de Caballeros on October 27 during third period providing our choir with vocal coaching and stage presence techniques.   Principal Ramos said, "You could literally hear a pin drop the way our students were fixated on the words that Jaime shared as a Grammy Award winner."   Jaime is a composer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist, three time Grammy Award nominated and three time Grammy Award Winner.   Jamie played the the violin, guitarron, vihuela, guitar, and guitarra de golpe performer for world renowned Mariachi Los Camperos de Nati Cano.


His honors and awards include: Featured artist on the 2005 Grammy Award-winning album,  cELLAbration: A Tribute to Ella Jenkins,  the 2006 Grammy Nominated album "Best Mexican Album,"  Llegaron Los Camperos: Concert Favorites of Nati Cano's Mariachi Los Camperos, the 2008 Grammy Award-winning album for “Best Mexican Album,”  Cien Por Ciento Mexicano by Pepe Aguilar, and the 2009 Grammy Award “Best Regional Mexican Album,”  Amor, Dolor, y Lagrimas.   


Jaime Culler will perform alongside our Knights Choir at the Valley Performing Arts Center on December 9th.  If interested, tickets are on sale at CSUN VPAC.   #makegreathappen #beasinger 

Mr. Harding's History Class Learns Hands-on How Pioneers Lived

Ms. Fodor's students engaged in dissections

The Knights Merge Science and Outdoors at Northridge

The Knights' are partnering with DROPS to bring REAL World science and NGSS to the students of Northridge.    Starting this December students will participate in the Education and Outreach or E&O of DROPS consisting of four components: student engagement, community engagement, professional development and curricula integration, and staff technical trainings. The goal of the E&O team is to engage and educate on stormwater capture, native plants, biodiversity, and water conservation, which empowers teachers and students to become water ambassadors of their campus through the use of living laboratories, Real world science.  


Northridge Knights' Chorus to Perform at CSUN Valley Performing Arts Center

We are also very proud to announce the premier performance of the Northridge Middle School Chorus, and, of course, the second performance of the sensational 25 member children’s mariachi of Haddon STEAM Academy, the pride of Pacoima!

Congressman Cardenas visits the Knights


On September 20th, Northridge Middle School welcomed Antonio "Tony" Cárdenas, United States Representative for California's 29th congressional district.   Congressman Cárdenas spoke about growing up "just like you" as he spoke to NMS' incoming 6th graders.  Congressman Cárdenas shared his story growing up in Pacoima along with his ten siblings and immigrant parents.  Students and staff asked questions about his role supporting DACA, working with the 44th and 45th POTUS.   He continued by encouraging students to "work hard and someday you could be the next congress person."   Principal Ramos said, "what an honor we had today being able to listen and learn from one of the favorite sons of the San Fernando Valley."  

STEM Grant for NMS

Great Minds and Southern California Gas Company has awarded Northridge Home of the Knights a Viva Technology STEM Two Day program for parents and students on December 7 and 8, 2017. Program aims to incubate minorities to pursue careers in STEM fields.  #makegreathappen

Lucky NMS Student wins tickets to Hamilton at Pantages

8th grade student Cristina was awarded tickets for her and her parents to attend Hamilton at the Pantages.   Cristina and her parents were joined by principal Ramos and his wife Irene.   Cristina was awarded tickets through the generous support of Congressman Tony Cardenas of the 29th District.    

Northridge Knights Teams up with Mobile Film Company

The Knights are bringing the fun Mobile Film Classroom starting September 18, 2017.   Ms. Medina and MFC will bring stories to life via the art of film making.   Great things are happening at Northridge.  

Parent Community Engagement Unit partners with Knights


Gonsalo Garay, Administrator of Parent & Community Engagement at Local District Northwest selected the Knights to participate in Family Success classes:

  • include Parent Education modules that are student driven and student selected

  • offer parent engagement activities focused on learning about school, assisting in the classroom,

    participating in school site advisory groups (e.g., English Learner Advisory Committee), and

    volunteering for special events

  • bring parents and students together through regular PCILA activities that develop multiple

    literacies and support parent partnerships in school

  • encourage families to lead Service Learning Projects (e.g., campus cleanup and healthy

    environment campaign, reading tutors, campus beautication/family art displays, etc.)

  • create opportunities to expand family-to-family networks, increase self-ecacy, and build

    leadership skills

  • provide contextualized soft skills training

Classes will be free of charge on a first come first serve basis.   See Ms. Alma in parent center.   


'Hamilton' creator Lin-Manuel Miranda is speaking to students with an L.A. congressman

New (School) Year's Resolutions: as 2017-18 begins, three LA educators plan for change

Mr. Ramos shares his feelings about being a middle school principal with SCPR journalist Kyle Stokes on the first day of school. Read more here

Favorite Son of the Valley to Speak to Incoming 6th Graders

One the Valley's favorite sons will share his story with incoming 6th graders on September 20th 2017. Congressman's Cardenas' parents 
Andrés and María Cárdenas came to California over 50 years ago from the state of Jalisco, Mexico. They sought out the opportunity to excel through hard work. It was through his hard work and perseverance that they were able to accomplish what they did. Andres worked first in the fields, then as a laborer and later established his own business. Andres and Maria proudly raised a family of eleven children, instilling in them the same values of hard work and discipline. The family grew up in a modest home in Pacoima. Andrés and María Cárdenas continuously supported their children and encouraged them to succeed. They were fortunate enough to see their sons and daughters earn degrees in many fields, such as education, psychology and engineering.


Congressman Cardenas has spent the last 20 plus years serving the community as a public servant while having the distinction of being the first Latino in the San Fernando Valley to be elected to the U.S. Congress.   

Speech and Debate Coming to NMS

Northridge Home of the Knights is proud to announce that we will be hosting Ricardo Velasquez of Velasquez Speech Academy starting August 21, 2017.    Mr. Velasquez will be offering an elective class "Creative Expression" during 6th period with Ms. Goldstein.    Students who are interested should speak to their counselor.    Read more about Velasquez here.

Magnet Coming to serve the Knights

Northridge Knights will be bringing a Magnet to Northridge Middle School.   The focus of the magnet academy will focus on Medical and Health Careers.   A thriving service oriented industry with a huge upside for growth and jobs for your children in the near future.   Read more here.   In 2018-2019, the Northridge Knights will have the option of applying to this program at NMS.   For more info, please contact Dr. Postell, Assistant Principal

Ms. Burnette's 6th Graders use to create digital games

Saturday Academy Students Spend Day at Ronald Reagan Library

Northridge MS students visited the wonderful Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley. Students learned the historical perspective of the president's life from childhood to actor, to Governor of California to President of the United States of America.


Enrolling Now- Go to Main Office- Free Public Education

For more info call 818.678.5100

(2) Unique Schools to choose from

Inscribirse hoy,  vaya a la oficina para mas información 

Educación Pública Gratuito - Una Academia para 6to a 8vo grado

Para más información llame al 818.678.5100


Northridge Knights will compete in Anaheim 2018 under the leadership of Magnet Coordinator Ms. Tanaka and Leadership Advisor Mr. Collins through our partnership with Reseda High School.