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Physical Education Department Policies

Physical Education Policies

While you are a student at Northridge MS you will participate in Physical Education every day. You will have the opportunity to improve your physical fitness, learn new skills, and participate in games and sport activities.

For your health and safety while you are participating in P.E., you must wear a complete uniform.  The Northridge Middle School P.E. uniform is:

  • Tennis shoes

  • White socks

  • Kelly green shorts

  • Gold tee-shirt

On cold weather days you may wear a sweatshirt and sweat pants (grey or kelly green only) worn appropriately.  Your name must be written on all P.E. clothes. Uniforms may be purchased at the Student Store. Tennis shoes must be tied. Students may be asked, for safety reasons, to remove body piercing jewelry and extra socks stuffed in shoes.

You will have a P.E. locker in which to place your P.E. clothes. Students may not keep books, notebooks or backpacks in their P.E. locker except when they are in their P.E. class. DO NOT share your locker combination with anyone.  Your locker is safe if you keep your combination secret.  Lock all possessions inside your locker. Never leave your backpack or any clothing outside of your locker.

Your grade is based on participation and performance.  If you are absent or tardy, you will not be able to do your best. Absences, truancies, suspensions and days in the Opportunity Room are non-suits and must be made up. You are always expected to follow directions, obey rules, respect others, show good sportsmanship, use appropriate language, and to perform to the best of your ability. Non participation days need to be made up by completing activities as assigned.

If you forget your P.E. clothes you can borrow loaner clothes.  If you want to improve your grade, see your teacher.  You will be given a choice of extra activities or make up work to complete.