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The Academies at Northridge Home of the Knights has limited enrollment.    

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Northridge Knights will be bringing a Magnet to Northridge Middle School. The focus of the magnet academy will focus on Medical and Health Careers. A thriving service oriented industry with a huge upside for growth and jobs for your children in the near future. Read more here. In 2018-2019, the Northridge Knights will have the option of applying to this program at NMS. For more info, please contact Dr. Postell, Assistant Principal

Medical and Health Magnet

Northridge Middle School’s Medical and Health Career Magnet Center


Our vision at Northridge Middle School’s Medical and Health Career Magnet Center is to prepare students to meet the challenges of the 21st century to explore pathways in their chosen career paths in medical and health careers. This vision emphasizes quality of work, high ethical standards, superior work skills, life-long education, integrity, and pride in the dignity of work and being productive members of the community.



Our mission is for students to be able to; engage in challenging curricula to foster their personal and academic explorations, be able to work both independently and collaboratively as contributing members of the community and society, prepare for opportunities to further their education at regional medical high school magnets, to participate in the community and society as innovative learners who value integrity and respect. Our mission for teachers is to foster a school climate that supports diversity and treats all with dignity, while providing a rigorous and interdisciplinary program in the medical and health career fields. The magnet will provide students with both field-based and hands-on learning experiences. All stakeholder groups will be dedicated to the development of each student as an individual with creative and academic potential.

Three Theme Based Pathway Academies

There will be three theme based pathway Academies:

The first pathway is the Academy of Biomedical Sciences and Health Careers. Students learn about the human body and various health conditions that impact body functions, as well as the associated medical field and careers that would respond to these specific health conditions.


The second pathway is the Academy of the Human Body System where students explore the structure and function of various systems such as the muscular and circulatory systems.

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The third pathway is the Academy of Investigation of Interventions, Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseases.