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Vision and Mission


The vision of the Northridge Middle School Liberal Arts Magnet (NMSLAM) is to provide students with extensive exposure to diverse interdisciplinary studies, with a special emphasis on issues of social justice and equity.

Students will be presented with learning opportunities to think critically about pressing social justice issues that merit discussion and action to ameliorate racial and economic inequities in our society. Through this program, students will have opportunities to explore careers in K-12 education, likely leading to increased participation by underrepresented groups in education careers


Northridge Middle School Liberal Arts Magnet’s mission is for students to be able to engage in challenging curricula to foster their personal and academic explorations, to be able to work both independently and collaboratively as contributing members of the community, to prepare for opportunities to further their education at regional liberal arts high school magnets, and to participate in the community and society as innovative learners and social advocates.

Our mission for teachers is to foster a school climate that supports diversity and treats all parties with dignity, while providing a rigorous and interdisciplinary in liberal arts program. The magnet will provide students with both field-based and hands-on learning experiences. All stakeholders will be dedicated to the growth of each student as an individual with creative and academic potential.