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FALL 2020 FAQ for Students

When does school start for students?

School begins Tuesday, August 18. All students are to log onto Schoology using their LAUSD Single Sign-on (SSO) account. The SSO account user name is the student's LAUSD email address.

The first week of school student schedule can be found here.

The Virtual Bell Schedule can be found here. 

What if I don't know my LAUSD email or Student PIN?

  • Call the school - 818-678-5100
  • The District is also mailing this information to your home. 

How will attendance be taken on the first day of school (8/18) if classes do not start until August 20th?

Log into Schoology and go to your Advisory course and complete the form.

How will attendance be taken on the second day of school?

Attendance will be taken when you attend the Meet & Greet with your Advisory teacher at 1:15 pm.

When do I start my actual classes?

You will start on August 20th by first logging onto Schoology and attending the ODD period classes (1, 3, 5) and advisory according to the Virtual Bell Schedule. On August 21st, you will log onto Schoology and attend the EVEN period classes (2, 4, 6) and advisory according to the Virtual Bell Schedule.

Will I be marked absent if I do not log onto Schoology?

Yes, students will be marked absent if they are not present during the entire synchronous (live) instruction portion of the class. Attendance policy will be in effect.

Is the grading policy the same as it was in Spring 2020?

No. As of now, teachers will return to the regular grading policy of assigning A-F mark based on student mastery of course material and completion of assignments. Teachers will share their grading policy with students during the first few days of class.

What is Period H and Period L?

The District has asked that all students be enrolled in homeroom advisory periods. Students will either have Advisory H or Advisory L.

Do we still need to turn in a Meal Application if we aren't on campus? 

Yes. Our Title I funding depends on it. This spring we used the funds to purchase all the laptops we handed out during distribution. The money generated from Title I is also used to fund additional teachers, technology support, and other staff members who work directly to help students. 

Will food be served on campus?

While Northridge MS will not be offering food service during school closure, students will still have access to the Grab and Go sites from 8 AM to 11 AM. The closest site to Northridge is at Sutter Middle School. The full list of sites is available here.

How do I change a class?

Contact either Ms. Arevalo ( or Ms. Frausto (

Remember, students may not request specific teachers or class periods.

What do I do if my electronic device doesn't work?

Contact the District hotline (213-443-1300). If students do not get a response after two days, message Mr. Guzman through Schoology.

Will I need PE clothes?

Students enrolled in PE will not need to purchase PE clothes at this time. Teachers will let students know how to dress for PE.

What if I missed textbook / device distribution and need my textbooks? Or what if I need to switch textbooks?

During the first two weeks of school, the library will be open for distribution between 8 AM to 1 PM.

Will students be getting a student agenda/ planner?

Yes. they are currently being shipped to campus. Once we receive them, we will organize a drive-up distribution.

When will we back on campus for school?

As soon as we know, we will communicate this with our school community. In the meantime, practice safe social distancing and wear masks / face coverings to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Where do we get update and information about what is happening at Northridge?

Check the school website, download the Schoology App. Check your messages on Schoology often.

We also post on social media, so follow us:

Instagram: @northridgemiddleschool818

Facebook: @north.ridge.3154