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Uniform & Dress Code


  • Colors: Navy, black, khaki, blue or black jeans
  • No sweats, jeggings, or jogging suits
  • No sagging or baggy pants
  • Pants or shorts: fitted at the waist and remain at the waist when a belt is removed; must have a zipper and a button; may not be more than one size too large or too tight; can't have rips, tears or holes
  • Shorts/skirts/skorts: must be knee length
  • Shorts: no pulling up socks to the knees


  • Solid Colors: Navy or white
  • Colors with a school logo (sold on campus): Green, pink, red, royal, sapphire blue
  • Style: Polo-type shirt with a collar
  • Shirts: short or long sleeve but not sleeveless, can't be oversized or form fitting
  • No tank tops, transparent clothing, spaghetti straps, tube tops, strapless tops, or sleeveless undershirts may be worn
  • Only a plain white shirt may be worn under the polo shirt
  • No other shirt may be worn over the uniform shirt


  • Tennis shoes must be laced properly and securely
  • No open toed or open-back shoes
  • No flip flops, slippers, sandals, or high-heeled shoes


  • Jackets, coats, or sweatshirts
  • Hoods are not allowed to be worn on campus at any time (in and outside the classroom-weather permitting)
  • A uniform shirt must be worn at all times under a sweatshirt
  • Outerwear can't be oversized
  • No outerwear with offensive logos, pictures, weapons, or violence is allowed


  • Are permitted when in the sun
  • Hoods, bandanas or other head coverings aren't allowed unless for religious reasons
  • Green baseball hat (available for purchase at student store)

Other Items:

  • Small earrings are permitted
  • Hoops should be no larger than the size of a quarter.
  • No pointed or round gauges, spike earrings or wallet chains


The administration reserves the right, if necessary to add other items to this list, especially any and all items which affect the safety and security of our students and staff.