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Uniform & Dress Code


In order to maintain an appropriate educational atmosphere and ensure safety and security in our school and the community, we have implemented a uniform dress code. 


Colors: Navy, black or tan (No Jeans, No Sweats or Jogging Suits)

Style: Must be fitted at the waist and remain at the waist when the belt is removed. NO sagging or baggy pants. Pants and shorts may not be more than one size too large, or too tight. Pants that are frayed or slit at the bottom may not be worn. Shorts, skirts and skorts may not be more  than 3 inches above the knee or shorter than the length of your middle finger when you put your arms down by your side. When wearing shorts, socks may not be pulled up to the knees.

  Belts should be worn with pants. They may not extend more than three inches past the appropriate belt loop and may not contain any initial or insignia on the buckle or belt.


Colors:  Navy or white (solid color)

Green, pink, red, royal and sapphire blue with school logo are also permitted and will be sold on campus..

Style:  Polo-type Shirt with a collar

Shirts may not be oversized or too form fitting, and must have short or long sleeves but may not be sleeveless. No other shirt may be worn over the uniform shirt and only a plain white shirt may be worn under the polo shirt. NO tank tops, transparent clothing, spaghetti straps, tube tops, strapless tops, or sleeveless undershirts may be worn.


Style: No open toed or open-backed shoes may be worn. No flip flops, slippers, sandals, or  high- heeled shoes are allowed. Tennis shoes are allowed; they must be laced properly and securely.


Colors:  Solid Color

Style: Jackets, coats and sweatshirts should be solid without any professional or college sports team, nor any commercial logos on them.  They may not be oversized; hoods are not allowed to be worn on campus at any time unless it is raining or colder than 60 degrees. A uniform shirt must be worn at all times under the sweatshirt.


Due to the passage of California Bill SB310 students are permitted to wear school approved hats when in the sun. Northridge  Middle School has chosen a green baseball hat that  is available for purchase at the Student Store. No hoods, bandanas, or other head covering is allowed unless for religious reasons.


Jewelry: Only small earrings are permitted; hoops should be no larger than the size of a quarter. Pointed or round gauges and spike earrings as well as wallet chains are not permitted.

The administration reserves the right, if necessary, to add other items to this list, especially any and all items which affect the safety and security of our students and staff.